What is SEO and why should we care?

SEO - search engine optimization is what people use to describe optimizing internet search engines to gain additional ranking and visits. It is one of the best ways to aqcuire free traffic to your website. Poorly optimized website can lead to very small or even no traffic to your website.

When we talk about SEO it's not about using some hacks or cheats to get top page rankings in Google - it's thinking about the content of your website, providing great experience for your users and teaching search engines these intentions so they can recommend your page. Any way of trying to cheat your way to the top usually ends up with unexpected - your page being banned entirely.

Bing search engine Google search engine

Not all websites should care about this kind of optimization - it all depends on content you provide. Some pages rely entirely on rankings in Google for traffic, while some block their pages from appearing in any kind of search results. Before you delve deeper into basic concepts of SEO the best suggestion would be to evaluate if your website really needs it.

This blog was created entirely to demonstrate basic optimization principles. In future blog posts I will try my best to explain basic techniques. And while we're at it - feel free to inspect page source for each blog post. ;-)